Everything You Need to Know About Wild Magic Table 5e Guide

The D&D game is happening, and when the magic happens, It is incredible and completely surprising. This makes the world known as alive and important. This is one of the reasons why D&D classes are capable to put the spells and have a lot of pleasure in playing. “The wild magic sorcerer is a sub-segment of spell that is wild and unexpected. In Wild Magic Table 5e Guide, we’ll give a complete Guide of Wild Magic Surge Table

sorcerer has s a sorcerous source, which is the cause of their source of origin. Wild magic can be the source of sorcerers, the strength of the wild as their source. This may be due to their display of magic with raw power. You can also receive the blessing of a strong animal.

Because the spell comes from wild, unknown, and unfamiliar sources inside these sorcerers, Without any support or without an understanding caster they are sometimes scattered around the world.  Magic Surge is the name of their category feature. When a wild magic sorcerer put a spell (does not count cantrips), they can release extra wild effects that can either make a difficult condition for the group or may help the group.

After starting from the first level, the wild magic sorcerer can roll the player d20 in the DM after putting the sorcerer magic of the first level or more. they will d100 to roll If the player’s role is in 1. The result of the role shows what occurs next when utilizing the Wild Magic Surge Table.

Wild Magic Surge Table 5e Is What?

There is a variety of effects in the table of Wild Magic Surge. for describe if a Wild Magic surge is removed, you can choose roll 1 on d20. you roll in d100. The resulting number will then compare with the Wild Magic Surge table to see what the effect will be. The table which is specifically taken from the Players Handbook on page 103 is shown below.

D100  The Effect D100 The Effect
01-02 At the beginning of each of your turns, roll in this table for the next minute, skipping this result on the next rolls. 51-52 For the next time, a spectral shield comes near you, giving you a +2 bonus to AC and an exemption to Magic Missile.
03-04 You can find any hidden creature if you have a line of view to it, for the next time. 53-54 For the next 5 to 6 days, You are unsusceptible to being intoxicated by alcohol.
05-06 Within 5 feet of you, a  modern selection controlled by the DM occurs in an unoccupied space, after one minute then disappear. 55-56 Your hair falls out but increases around  24 hours.
07-08 As a 3rd level spell, you draw a Fireball spell centered on yourself. 57-58 Any explosive thing you touch that isn’t being felt or carried by another animal bursts into flame.
09-10 As 5th-level magic, you put the Magic Missile 59-60 You recover your bottom-level expended spell slot.
11-12 Roll in d10. Your height changes several inches equal to the roll. you become shrink If the roll is odd. you will grow if the roll is even. 61-62 When you speak you must shout, for the next time.
13-14 put Confusion on yourself. 63-64 The Fog Cloud-centered on yourself.
15-16 You recover 5 hit points at the beginning of each of your turns, for the next period. 65-66  you cause 4d10 lightning damage, Up to three creatures, you select within 30 feet of the area
17-18  lengthy beard is increasing with long hair and feathers that remain until you sneeze, at which point the feathers burst out from your face. 67-68 You are scared by the close creature until the finish of your next turn.
19-20 You put Grease centered on yourself. 69-70 Every creature within 30 feet of you becomes hiding for the next minute. The invisibility stops a creature when it attacks or casts a spell.
21-22 Creatures have damage on saving throws against the next magic you cast in the next minute that involves a saving throw. 71-72  For next time, You achieve resistance to all losses.
23-24 color of your skin changes into a vibrant blue shade. A Remove Curse magic can finish this effect. 73-74  for 4 hours and one day, An unexpected creature within 60 feet of you becomes harmed
25-26 For the next minute, there is An eye appears on your forehead. you have the advantage of a wisdom check that depends on sight, due to this moment. 75-76  in a 30-foot of radius, you shine with glowing light for the next minute. Any creature that finishes its turn within 5 feet of you is blinded less than 5 yards
27-28 For the next minute, with the casting time of all spells is 1, and the bonus casting time is 1. 77-78 You put Polymorph on yourself. you convert into a sheep for the spell’s period. If you fail the saving throw,
29-30  you notice the empty space when you teleport up to 60 feet. 79-80 Within 10 feet of you, Imaginary butterflies and flower petals quiver in the air, for the next minute.
31-32 By the finish of your next turn, you are taken to the Astral plane. after which you return to the place you had previously occupied or, if occupied, return to the nearest empty space. 81-82 You can take one Extra action immediately.
33-34 increase the loss of the next damaging magic you put within the next minute. 83-84 Within 30 feet of you, every creature takes 1d10 necrotic damage. You recover hit points equal to the sum of the necrotic damage dealt.
35-36 Roll a d10. Your year’s differences by several years are equal to the roll. If the roll is odd, you get younger (minimum 1 year old).  you get elder If the role is even. 85-86 You put Mirror Image.
37-38  Within 60 feet of you, 1d6 flumps controlled by the DM occur in unoccupied spaces and are scared of you. They vanish after 1 minute. 87-88 Within 60 feet of you released Fly on a random creature.
39-40 You recover 2d10 hit points. 89-90 For the next minute, you become hidden. During that time, other creatures can’t hear you. if you attack or cast magic the invisibility completes.
41-42  beginning of your next turn you turn into a potted plant. During a plant, you are disabled and you are at risk of all losses. If you fall to 0 hit points, breaks your pot, and your form reverts. 91-92 With Reincarnate spell if you die the next time, you immediately come back to life.
43-44 For the following minute, on each turn, you can teleport up to 20 feet as a reward action. 93-94  For next time, your size high by one size class for the next minute.
45-46 You put on your Levitate. 95-96 Within 30 ft of you, all creatures achieve vulnerability to piercing loss for the next minute.
47-48 Within 5 feet of you, the unicorn controlled by the DM occurs in a space, and after some time then disappears. 97-98 For the next period, you are covered by muted, ethereal music.
49-50 For the next moment, you cannot speak. Whenever you try, pink bubbles pop out of your mouth. 99-00 Each wizardry point you will gain again.


If you are in a fight, notice that the effect of these spells may stay for the whole minute. The effect will last up to 10 rounds because one minute means 10 rounds. Similarly, the effect will not be affected by meta-magic if it,s a spell. If it usually requires concentration, the spell will not need it and it will last for the whole period and this is a 3rd-level sorcerer feature.  in Last,  when the effects are cast the spells spelling slot is not utilized.

What Effects In The 5e Wild Magic Table Cast Spells?

In the table, there are nine effects from which you can utilized spell.

Roll of d100  spell- casted spell- level A Target Is it centered around you?
7-8 A Fireball 3 including you All Creatures Yes
9-10 spell Missile 5 Your option No
13-14 Haze N/A including you All Creatures Yes
19-20 A Grease N/A Including you All Creatures Yes
45-46 A Levitate N/A You No
63-64 The Fog Cloud N/A N/A Yes
77-78 The Polymorph N/A You (If the saving throw is not successful, you convert to a sheep) No
85-86 A Mirror Image N/A N/A No
87-88 Fly N/A A random creature within 60 ft. of you No


What Effects In The Wild Magic Table Summon Creatures?

There are three effects in the table that summon the creatures in an empty space near you. All these creatures disappear after a minute, and all of them are handled by DM.

   D100 roll  the Creature summoned Distance of the summoned creature
     5-6 Modern With 5 feet of you
    37-38 1D6 Flumphs With 60 feet of you
    47-48  A Unicorn With 5 feet of you


What Effects In The DnD 5e Wild Magic Table Summon Creatures?

In the below table There are only three effects that use summon creatures in an area that is not near to you. All of the creatures disappear just for one minute, and Dungeon Master controls all of them.

Roll d100  A Creature summoned Distance of summoned creature
(5-6) Modern Within 5 Yard
(37-38) 1d6 Flumphs Within 60 Yard
(47-48) The Unicorn Within 5 Yard


In The Wild Magic Table DnD 5e Which Effect Is Useful?

Useful” is a very subjective term, let’s define useful effects as follows:

  • Effects that harm enemies.
  • The impact that promotes you or your allies.
  • Effects that don’t hurt you

below is a  result list that affects these signs, as well as a reason why this is thought to be the case.

Roll of d100  Effect  Why it is so useful
3-4 See for one-minute invisible creatures within your line of sight. It is very useful when fighting invisible foes. You no longer need to guess their location, and you no longer have damage on your attack roll.
9-10  5th-level Magic Missile spell cast. You can shoot seven projectiles that never miss and deal 1d4 + 1 force loss each. If targeted on a single enemy, it would deal an average of 24 to 25 force damage. Plus, the targets of each of these darts you can select.
15-16 For the next minute, you recover 5 hit points at the origin of each of your turns. It is very good when you are decreasing on health. This would sum up to 50 HP that can be recovered. Note, though, that you can’t exceed your high HP capacity.
21-22 Within the next minute, if the magic you cast needs a saving throw, the target suffers from a disadvantage on the said saving throw. Your foes have a penalty on saving throws against your spells, making them more likely to get shot.
25-26 Put another eye on your forehead that will disappear in a minute. The eye gives you a benefit on the Wisdom (Perception) check which requires vision. You have benefits on Wisdom (Perception) checks requiring sight, creating it very well when searching for something or someone within a place.
27-28 Within the next minute, magic that has a one-action casting time during battle will instead have it as 1 bonus action. This means that you can release magic while simultaneously doing something else that would need action, like an attack or a cantrip.
29-30 Select an unoccupied space within 60 feet. you can see, and there you can teleport. Teleporting can get you out of harm’s way, like a huge swarm of foes approaching you or a rock moving straight at you.
33-34 Any harm magic you cast within the next minute will deal its high damage. Maximum loss is extremely best for bringing down tough foes. For example, the Fireball spell in this effect would deal a whopping 48 fire loss, since that is the high of an 8d6.
39-40 Heal by 2D10 HP. Healing 2D10 HP, on average, would heal you by 11 HP.
43-44 Within the next minute, you achieve the capability to teleport up to 20 ft. as a bonus action. Another teleportation advantage Since it is a bonus action this means you can attack or release magic, then teleport.
51-52 The spectral shield occurs and gives you a +2 bonus action on your AC plus immunity against Magic Missile. the bonus on your AC means you are less likely to be hit by your foes. Another advantage is that you are protected by a magic missile, a spell that shoots projectiles that are usually never released.
59-60 Recover an expended spell slot with the lower grade. Recovering a spent spell slot is exceptionally good for casters since it would mean that you can throw another spell one more time.
65-66 Select up to three creatures 30 ft. close to you; they each take 4D10 lightning damage. The great thing about this magic is that you have complete control over who you can harm. You can inflict further damage during a fight without accidentally killing yourself or your comrades.
71-72 Within the next minute, achieve resistance to all loss. You are resistant to all losses, meaning that any loss you receive will be halved. For example, if you are hit by a fireball spell that has 28 Fire losses and fails to save you, you will only have 14 Fire damage. If you succeed in saving throw, it means that you only get 7 Fire losses. It is impressive!
81-82 Immediately create an extra action. Gaining one more action during your turn can help you in many methods. You can re-attack, release another magic, and do things that would cast 1 action.
85-86 Mirror Image spell cast. The Mirror Image spell is good in the sense that an animal trying to attack you will instead attack an illusory duplicate of yours. This spell creates you low of a punching bag.
91-92 As per the Reincarnate spell’s rules Immediately revive if you die within the next minute. You can deceive death! If you die in the next minute, you don’t have to roll the dice. Although the DM can randomly create a new body or choose a form, you can convince them if you want to maintain your existing body.
99-00 Recover all your sorcery points. Gaining all of your magic points means you can use them in a variety of useful ways, such as creating spell slots with the Flexible Casting feature or using the Metamagic option with the Metamagic quality.


In The Wild Magic 5e Table Which Is Harmful?

Harmful effects are effects that are defined as opposite to beneficial effects as described in the previous section. Do they harm your foe or you? Promote your opponents? Here is a result list of the effects that met all these signs, as well as an explanation of why this seems so.

D100 roll    Effect     What’s The Reasons it is harmful 
7-8  3rd-level Fireball spell centered on yourself cast. Everyone, friend or enemy, within a 20 ft. circle from you is hit. You are hit as well. Keep in mind that the magics harm is 8D6 fire damage, so this is very deadly, especially during the lower grade.
13-14 Cast Confusion magic centered on yourself. As long as you don’t have too much wisdom throw that can save you from it, it’s a very disturbing effect. Like a fireball, it affects you and anyone within 10 feet of you. Confusion has various effects, such as not being able to take action, moving in random directions, and much more.
41-42 Switch to potted plants. You are ineligible + and suffer all kinds of losses. You return to your farm when this is either the start of your next turn or if your HP drops to 0.  Being disabled and suffering all kinds of damage is very harmful, especially during combat. You can’t take action or reaction, plus you get double the damage of any kind! Thankfully, this will only last until the beginning of your next turn.
67-68 Until the next turn of your end, you become scared by the closest creature to you. Being scared means you have a lost ability to check and attack rules while the creature is out of sight. This will make you less likely to be hit hard or to work properly. Furthermore, you cannot approach these creatures on your own.
77-78 Put the polymorph magic on yourself and become a sheep if you fail to save. When you convert a sheep to a polymorph spell, you will have the sheep statistics, including its HP. Sheep statistics are low, Intelligence Modifier-4 and Wisdom Modifier-3. A sheep’s HP is also less than 1D8 or 4 on average.


Many other effects that are not classified as beneficial or harmful are effects that vary depending on the situation. For example, rolling 83 or 84 deals harms every creature within 30 feet of you. This is good if your foe is around you, but if you are close to your allies it will cause great harm to your party.

FAQ,s: Wild Magic Table 5e Guide

The Wild Magic Table has how many effects?

There are overall 50 effects in the actual Wild Magic Surge Table seen in the Player’s Handbook.

Is Homebrew Wild Magic Tables exist?

There are a bunch of them on the web, or you can even create your own in your drive with the approval of your DM.

Can I Create My Own Homebrew Wild Magic Table?

Yes, As long as by your DM it is approved, why not? It is your campaign, so have joy by your own regulations.

Is There a D1000 or D500 Wild Magic Table?

Of course, Again, the internet is your companion. Whether it be a D200, D300, D500, or D1000, D&D Beyond and Reddit have numerous threads on such issues.


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