Watan HD New Frequency And Biss Key FEED Asia Cup 2023

Watan HD New Frequency And Biss Key FEED Asia Cup 2023

May 2023 Update

🏏 WATAN HD New Update
88°E Videocon pe Add FTA
TP: 12623 H 2040
Good News for All

WATAN HD Channel Free Running in Express AM7 at 40.0°E

Frequency: 11654 H 2039

WATAN HD Channel History and Latest Update

El Watan Al Djazairia” (Arabic: الوطن الجزائرية) was an Arabic language satellite television channel broadcasting from Algeria. El Watan Al Djazairia was set up by Islamist party Hamas with a number of Arab intellectuals from Algeria and the Arab World. Watan Group (translates as Nation Group) is a company based in Afghanistan that provides telecommunications, logistics and security services. It is owned by the Popal brothers who are believed to be cousins of Afghan President, Hamid Karzai.

They are from the powerful Popalzai sub-tribe, the same group that the Founding Father of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Durrani, and all of Afghanistan’s former leaders belonged to. The Popalzais are traditionally the influential and elite group of Afghanistan, and are also a powerful group in neighboring Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan. In addition, many Popalzai members are in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The New York Times reported that according to Western officials, the largest shareholder in the company is Qayum Karzai, the brother of Afghan President but he stated after the report was published, that he has no financial interest in the company. Watan Group is a partner of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), which in December 2011 received Afghanistan’s first big contract for oil field exploration and development. The three oil fields estimated to contain 87 million barrels of oil.

Their website states that they have seven subsidiaries: AMP Trading, Ehsaan Construction, Navia Design, Sino-Afghan Steel, Watan Telecom, Watan Risk Management and Watan Oil & Gas.[6] Watan Risk Management’s clientele includes: USAID-funded Delouite, Checchi, Jhpiego, State University of New York (SUNY), American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) and other projects under the British and American militaries.

WATAN TV HD NEW BISS kiy 52E first update
Frequency : 10848V27500
Biss kiy : 20 23 20 59 19 20 19 52
Latest Update For Asia Cup 2023

Watan HD Channel New Biss Key & Frequency At Express Am6 53E

Channel Name: Watan Channel HD
Satellite: Express Am6 53 East
Watan HD Transponder: 11531 H 2204
Watan HD Frequency: 11531
Watan HD) Symbolrate: 2204
Video PID: 4119
Audio PID: 4358 Afg
SID: 0001
Quality: Mpeg4

Watan Biss Key: FREE (FTA)
YAHSAT at 52.0°E
Frequency :- 12149
Symbol Rate:-27500


Watan TV was on test broadcast, and commercial operations started on December 22, 2009. A brand-new television was born, doing business under the trade name Watan TV.

The slogan “Watan” means “homeland”, the land of Afghans. A landlocked and mountainous country, the 41st largest nation in the world witnessed military conquest and experienced a continuous state of conflict and major occupation in the late 70’s.


Watan TV’s prime occurrence is to play a great role in enhancing the capability to fulfill its mission as a medium of education and information and spread the benefits of knowledge thru Radio and Television, the people’s right to know, and their participation.

The main lineup began with Andona, A news and public affairs magazine show cater the current events, political issues, and views produced locally to cater to Afghan audiences.


As part of a long-term strategy to make the network more competitive, the management introduced a stronger news and public affairs division, modernization of its broadcast equipment, and the acquisition of broadcast rights of Hollywood and Bollywood series and cinema, We are proud to have a very excellent line up of Pashto programs in the Pashto language like; de member Awaz, Nawai Pail, seema awo dodoona,da watan sarteri,ghora sandar, da watan deera, landai pa war rasra waya,meena da de sa wakral saryal.etc…


Watan tv now broadcasting all Afghanistan and international cricket (matches, league, series & tours) in a partnership with international media and production.

Aside from bringing the best in news and entertainment, WATAN TV also manifests its social responsibility and commitment to public service through community projects and philanthropic activities that we undertake

Under the management of Watan TV together with the local key managers assembled and delivered significant success where Watan TV’s performance was completely revitalized. Watan TV’s audience share increased substantially from 1.9% in January 2010 to 11.1% in January 2011.

Nationwide and International broadcasting reach will be the next target of Watan TV via Satellite and thru Cable TV. Watan TV aims to be the leading TV network in Afghanistan.

About Channel

In 2014, WATAN TV started bringing High Definition TV (HDTV) into the households of Kabul via WATANHD through Fly Sat, Yah SAT, and Yah alive, Express AM6 Satellite Afghanistan. And now WATAN HD TV is Available on TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat at 52.0°E SATELLITE, WATANHD is the first HD channel in Afghanistan that offers cricket matches different kinds of programs including local and foreign movies and documentaries which runs 24/7.

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