5e Guide to Undeath for Raise the Dead

Raise The Dead was virginity or necromancy magic that restored life to a dead creature. Although the necromancy is usually stood in the most imaginative spheres, and the Dungeon Masters almost always keep her safe from the big bad guy of adventure, my favorite school for Nicrominacy Spell has been since I For the first time, the player’s handbook was picked up for a 3.5 edition. And the most famous way to represent Necromancers is to do what they do better, Raising the dead.

What if your dear friend has fallen into war and you want to return them to this mortal circle?

Raise The Dead 5e Is What 


  • Casting time: 1 hour
  • Level: Fifth-level necromancy
  • Range/area: Touch
  • Target: The dead creature that you touch
  • Components: Somatic, Verbal, and Material (Diamond worth, 500 GP)
  • Period: Instant
  • Classes:  Cleric, Bard, and Paladin

The Notice About Death

The capabilities and spells mentioned here strictly involve raising the dead, as they have to return from the grave in some form. Some spell back to life can bring the dead, but that spell come at a larger price (in spelling slots and material components) or are incredibly bound.

If you are trying back to life without invading someone, you should consider resurrection, Raise The Dead, resurrection, and the true resurrection.

Raising The Dead 5e How does it work

Raise the Dead

By saying the words You Utilize Raise the dead 5e spelling, make indicators, and offer a diamond price of at least 500 gold. When you do, touch a creature that has died for at least ten days. When the creature is resurrected in this condition:

  1. It Is not an undead
  2. The soul is helpful to be revived
  3. Dead for no longer than ten days
  4. The soul is at freedom to return
  5. Is not missing organs or body components vital for survival

The creature will return to life at a hit point when Raise the deed 5e has been successfully put. The creature will recover from poison and extraordinary diseases which the target encountered when he died. The mortal wounds of the creatures will be stopped, but no lost organs but any missing limbs.

When men return, the creature is weak and magic diseases and curses are not removed. There is a fine for all the rolls invading the target, the throw savings, and the ability to check. For the creature that rests long, the penalty becomes less than one. In other words, to recover from  Raise the Dead 5E, an animal needs to be restored for four long.

What Are The Best classes?

There is five magic that is capable of bringing men back somehow. Most of these are available for specific Clerics Domains and the necromancy Wizards school. Some of these spells warlocks can learn, but if you want to master the undead you are better than other classes.

Clerics Of The Death Domain

clerics just get two methods to raise the Dead, especially if they are in the domain of death. Life domain scholars will have entrance to “restoration of life”, but not the cold resurrection we are interested in. By grave scholar do not be a fool. They are naturally against the upbringing of the dead and they do not have access to the same spell. The one we hold here is one in which the Villon NPCs are recommended by the Dungeon Master Guide.

Death scholars have access to animate dead without producing the 5th level and also have access to the 6th level. Unlike the skills of the beefy coming with the cleric, they can stand to Fight their own battle on the front lines with their renewed friends, unlike Wisdoms.

Although the cleric may not have a full-fledged suit to raise dead people as zombies, I want to mention an honorable mention that they have access to the only magic of the game that can resurrect a dead thing There is (and not one monster). The restore resurrection and the true resurrection are all in the toolkit of clerics and they can be very useful.

Unfortunately, this is the only magic that they later separate from creation. They also find some aggressive necromancy magic and a suit for utility magic. Make a pair of their natural beef, Death Domain Cleric creates an excellent frontline with undead friends, but you will not have more (or powerful) friends like our other option in the 5th edition.


Player’s Handbook page,218

The real Necromancy spellsWizards find that we are looking for, only have access to the magic that can make undead from the falling enemies (volunteers?), Or magic that turns our enemies into our undead friends  As a bonus, they create your undead mines more powerful than ordinary zombified flunkies.

Necromancy school of wizards at 6th level has entrance to Undead Thralls , which allows them to learn Animate dead, and gain three benefits when casting the spell.

  • This creature adds a bonus of your skills to your weapons loss roles.
  • When they cast magic, they can target an additional body (or bone pile), which makes them always be extra minions.
  • Among all their minions made with this spelling have bonus hit points equivalent to the wizard level.

For Raising the Dead These three boons create really appeal, because not only do you get more zombies, but they are strong! Wizards have access to the command undead at Level 4, which means they can overcome other people’s independent locks and add them to their group like a weird smelly Pokémon.

Wizards when destroying an opponent they also get entrance to two spells that, raise them as newly invigorated zombies that you may or may not control. We’ll discuss these specific spells later, but the  Clerics do not have access to these effective spells be aware.

make Undead

Player’s Handbook p.229

A 6th-level spell Of Cleric, Warlock, and Wizard. Animate Dead’s large brother, Make Undead lets you get larger and more profitable ghouls in your military. They’re actually demons too, with a different stat block compared to other regeneration spells that make zombies.

A Ghouls have more damage than your zombie and cause more damage and some state changes. The biggest difference is their claw attack, which causes a little harm to their cutting attack, but it gives the enemy a chance to paralyze the opponent for a minute.

The catch is that these will not be influenced by the undead thrall, which suggests that they do not get bonuses to the Wisdom, so you will require to keep in mind when you are choosing which spelling is ready.

Spores Druid Circle

Guide to Ravnica guild master,s page.25

With some -operating spells, these strange druids also manage to come with some -operating spells, such as the ability to use fungus to invigorate the Dead. They have been given dynamic dead at the 5th level, and at the sixth level, they receive fungal Infestation, which is their most powerful capability to Raise the dead 5e.

This Range is needed for you to use your response the range is lovely and small, by your Wisdom modifier this capability is not a spell slot is just little, which makes it helpful as long as you have an increased Wisdom stat. The downside is that these zombies just last for an hour, and can’t do anything but hit.


Warlocks are here in a unique place because they may achieve some magic that can Raise the dead, they have no class capability to work with their undesirable minions.

They have the key to the higher end of necromancy magic such as the Danse Macabre and Create Undead, but they lack the most basic (and honestly fundamental spell): The Animate Dead. Paired with the Warlock’s inherent lack of spell slots, they aren’t suitable for a complete-blown zombie factory.

Although you can stop some of it through multi-classes in Wizard, there is nothing to get here than to choose another class.

A Few Honorable Mentions

I want to mention two possibilities for the raise the dead, but if you just want to get a big zombie army, they are not worth it for a long time.

Aircraft Shift: Zendikar – Vampire Race is a clean feature called blood thirst that can revoke the zombie/vampire thrill Zendikar. However, it only deals with the loss of 1+1D6 and it has to destroy the enemy to turn them into a mess, which means that the final blow is very difficult.

Oath Breaker Paladines have access to Animate dead people and can use their channel Divinity to control the Divinity with the Necromancy school Wizards in the same way. that’s all they get, Unfortunately.

In the mid of the three options, Necromancy school Wizards offers much more flexibility and capability to someone who wants to raise the dead but lacks the strong crowd-controlling results that other schools of the magic request.

Scholars do not offer such magic to raise the dead, On the other hand, they offer a lot of utility as a whole and some channels can pack a heavy punch with divinity. In addition, the heavy coach’s Big Evil scholars make good sounds and eliminate the trump of your specific necromancer.

Most of the time, if I am planning to play a character who wants to raise the dead 5e, I am 9 out of 10 years in which the School of Necromancy was chosen. It is better equipped as a whole and allows me to revive my imaginary ideas of rule over the countryside.

Animate Dead

player’s Handbook on page,212

This is a 3thid level Cleric and Wizard spell. fundamental in most spells. within 10 feet you easily choose a corpse and create your new friend! At a higher level lets you add two more targets per attack slot above 3rd casting It. For your money, this provides you the most undead and this is actually a cornerstone of necromancy.

keep in mind Necromancy school through Undead thrall Wizards get to add this magic to their spellbook for free at 6th level, target an extra corpse, and also their zombies are more powerful overall.

Negative Energy Flood

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything: page,163

5th level spell of Warlock and Wizard is Likely my favorite spell on this list, purely for the chaos. When it deals a fatal blow to a foe this magic, returns as a zombie on the next turn and hit whoever is closest to it. Now, it’s actually important to note that you do not overcome this zombie. It attacks purely whatever is near. Now, since you have to be a Necromancy school of the wizard to cast this magic, you have the option to command and take overcome this zombie.

Spelling descriptions do not mention that this magic is necessary to retain the zombie, so as long as you can succeed with the command, your friend undead is your permanently. I also want to point out that this magic is one of the two magic that can permanently provide you the undead minion

A Macabre Dance

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything page;153

5th level spell of Warlock and Wizard. Danse Macabre does the same by giving you five undead friends ( concentration) for an hour. Although this means that this friendship is temporary, it gets a bonus to attack them and your spelling cast is damaged by the equivalent of the rolly. When you cast this magic, your Army grows more and more.

This magic is very Good in a pinch, but it is difficult to rely on long-lasting friendship as this undead will end after time. However, being able to bring a group of recently dying enemies can always be useful.

Death Finger

Player’s Handbook page:241

A spell Of 7th Level  Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock.

Give me the finger. When in suspicion. This is a damaging and massive spell that, if it destroys a humanoid or strikes, replaces them as a zombie forever. Just like Negative power Flood, but without the requirement to utilize Command Undead to hold them around. There’s not much else to this period, but for a 7th-level  spell it takes a long time to get there, and there are usually more suitable choices for damage at that level.

FAQs Of Raise The Dead 5e

Answer: You Return a dead creature you feel to live, delivered that it has been dead no longer than ten days. If the creature’s spirit is both willing and at freedom to rejoin the body, the creature replaces life with 1 hit point.

Question: The Best Way To Raise the Dead in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Is What?

Answer: Animate Dead is the most useful spell to raise the dead and is known to several classes. It scales well with more increased spell slots, and School of Necromancy Wizards get more powerful zombies through their class capability.

Answer: Raise Dead, due to the point that it has a 500Gp consumable material, would cost an extra 1000gp. This is even backed in the same query as the official cost of Raise Dead in the Adventure League Games, of 1250Gp.

Question: What is The Best Class For A Necromancer in 5th Edition?

Answer: School of Necromancy Wizards is the most suitable choice to create a necromancer character. They have the largest magic list available, and most of their class characteristics enhance your undead minions in some manner.

Answer: No, A wizard cannot count Raise dead to his spell book as the magic is not on the wizard’s spell list.

Question: What Are Some Creatures And Monsters That can Utilize Raise Dead 5e? 

Answer: We could see, that there are no monsters with that capability in the vanilla rules. Yet, you are homebrewing if, there are rare monsters and creatures where counting this spell to their capability creates sense.
in DnD homebrew we recommend that campaign, cultists, some necromancers, priests, and Death Domain clerics can utilize the Raise Dead spell 5e.

Question: In 5th Edition Who Can Raise The Dead?

Warlock, School of Necromancy Wizards, the Death Domain Clerics, and A Oathbreaker Paladins, all have keys to spells that can create zombies with at least one magic.

Raising the Dead in DnD 5th Edition is not exactly a complicated task, and players are provided a wide mixture of class opportunities to get the job done. Relying on your DnD master rules and the background your campaign takes place in, you will be capable to create your collection of undead minions in no moment. Just be sure to weigh all your choices, and talk to your Dungeon Master to maximize your knowledge.

Answer: The “necromancer” in terms 5e is exactly a wizard who specializes in necromancy spells, but largely the necromancer is a personality of any class that specializes in raising the dead 5e.

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