Pass Without Trace 5e Guide| What Does it Do

Passing without Trace is considerable effective magic to improve stealth. This allows the smart player to stay out of the way and make sure no one is following in their footsteps.

You and your group are looking through the bushes and in front of you is a well-guarded fortress, full of thugs closing the gates. Apparently, this gang of thieves is bullying and thieving from a nearby village, and the village has shown you a big sum of money if you can get rid of them successfully. Choose collectively that the best method to get rid of them is to get freed of your leader.

Regardless, their leader is inside the fort. Once again, the fort is well protected from bandits, thieves, and such gangs. If you fight against heavy and timid bodyguards, you will have no power left to beat their leader. The most effective way to deal with this is to sneak into the chambers of the leader without intimidating the guards.

Well, D&D is fun about considering out of the box and creative resolutions to complex problems. Of course, there are many methods to do this. Still, there is D&D magic that is effective in detecting intrusion: the pass without trace spell. Even without a high stealth score, you and your entire group can hide in the foe ranks without leaving any track.

How does it work? And how does one use this simple spelling? Read more in our Un Trace 5e Guide to decide if you should have it on your spelling list.

Pass Without Trace Is What?

Pass without a trace is another type of crowd that is found on page 264 of the Players Handbook. Since this is a second-level spell, you will require an available level spell slot two or higher to release it. Yet, there is no added benefit to casting it with a level three spell slot or higher. Abjuration spells are usually magic,s that provide protection from harmful features through the help of magic. Leading abandonment spells include  Magic Armor, Less Restoration, Blade Ward, and more.

This is a self-range period and has 1 action is casting time. It,s means that you can just target yourself with it, but the spell grants its caster the capability to save other creatures of its selection (this will be described in more detail later).  you can cast this spell as just an action, although you can also prepare it to be used as a reaction after your turn.

It requires vocal, somatic, and material components. The material required for this spell, if the castor does not have arcane focus, would be the ashes of the burnt leaves of mistletoe and a sprig of spruce. The effects of magic can last up to an hour, but only if the caster has the attention for it because the pass is magic without a trace. To summarize, they are all listed below.

Pass without Trace

2nd-level abjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Range/Area: Self

Components: V, S, M (ashes from a burned leaf of mistletoe and a sprig of spruce)

Duration: Attention, up to 1 hour

How to Utilize Pass Without Trace

If you have selected that you want to cast on yourself pass without Trace, you must first complete these conditions:

  • You should have this spell in your spelling list. This is possible in many methods, such as race feature, class spell casting feature, background feature, etc.
  • You must have the necessary materials to make this spell work because spelling requires a material component. A casting pass without a trace requires burnt mustard leaves and ashes of a spruce twig. If Arcan Focus is on the caster, though, then no content is required.
  • You have to be able to focus on the spell because the pass without a trace is the magic of concentration.
  • If you are in a fight, you should cast it as an action in turn.
  • Passing without a trace is a level two spell. Therefore, you must have a level two spell slot available or higher that you can utilize to spell. Hold in the sense that casting with more than two-level spell slots does not bring any extra advantages or effects.
  • You should be capable to move your hands freely as spelling needs a somatic element. This means that you need to make some gestures to perform this spell, and this is not probable if your hands are tied to or under exterior or interior, magical, or other powers such as ropes or handcuffs on your wrists. Be limited by the effect. Of the paralyzed situation.
  • You should be able to speak freely in a loud voice because spelling needs a vocal element. This means that you will have to sing hymns to recite this magic,s, and this is not practicable if your mouth is under the influence of exterior, interior, magical, or other forces such as tying your mouth with a cloth or under its influence. Prevented from happening The magic of silence.

Once you meet these conditions, you can release the pass without trace. When you do this, you can accomplish the following:

For the duration of the magic (which is how long the caster can focus on it and can be up to one hour long), select any creature within 30 feet of you. You and these creatures will benefit from the effects of magic (which will be explained in the next section).

Concentration On Pass Without Trace 

For spells that need concentration, the caster must focus on maintaining the effect of the spell over time. When the caster loses concentration, the magic disappears automatically. The caster can terminate its concentration at any time without the need for action. There are many methods to lose concentration, and they are listed below.

  • If you become disabled or killed, you immediately lose focus on magic.
  • The environment you are in can disrupt your concentration, such as falling waves on a ship. It totally depends on your DM. If so, you must follow in a constitutional save throw against the 10 DC to maintain this attention.
  • Another spell casting that needs concentration will eliminate the current one because you can’t focus on two magic,s at once.
  • Damage while focusing on magic can deprive you of this concentration, so the magic disappears instantly. To determine if you are losing focus on losing, you should create a constitutional saving throw to maintain attention. The savings should reach or exceed the desired DC, which is 10 or half of your loss, whichever is more increased. If the damage comes from numerous sources, such as numerous arrows beating you, you should save separately for each source of damage.
  • You should be able to talk freely in a loud voice because spelling needs a vocal element. This means that you will have to sing hymns to recite this magic,s, and this is not achievable if your mouth is under the influence of exterior, interior, magical, or other powers such as tying your mouth with a cloth or its influence. Prevented from happening The magic of silence.
  • You should be able to force your hands free as spelling needs a somatic element. This means that you need to make some gestures to perform this spell, and this is not conceivable if your hands are tied to or under exterior or interior, magical, or other powers such as ropes or handcuffs on your wrists. Be limited by the effect. Of the paralyzed situation.

Pass Without Trace How Does It Work?

When you released pass without a trace, the “veil of shadow and silence” comes out of you, and this veil hides your presence and that of your partner from being detected by others. During the spelling period (again, it depends on how long you can focus on the spell, and it can be up to an hour-long) I have selected 10 massive bonuses for you

So, if you are planning to hide in a castle and you and your group must do a stealth check, this spell can help you a lot with its +10 stealth checks. Again, not everyone affected by this spell can be followed magically. Similarly, not everyone can and will leave behind tracks or other signs of its passage.

Who Is Able To Cast Pass Without Trace?


Although there is extremely useful magic without a trace, only two categories have access to it: the Druid and Ranger categories. Therefore, if you intend to carry out any covert or infiltration missions, it may be necessary to have one of them in your group. Both of these categories are listed below with their source.

Classes that can cast Pass without Trace

Druid (Player’s Handbook, page 64)

Ranger (Player’s Handbook, page 89)

Druids can utilize Pass without a trace as it is the factor of their druid spell list. In addition, they acquire their spelling skills at the first level. Rangers, meanwhile, acquire their spelling skills beginning at level two. And since at least one level two spell slot is required to cast a trace without a pass, the Druids can release a pass without a trace long before the Rangers because they get a level two spell slot at level three. While the Rangers get to level five.

In addition, the druids make a list of spells that they will use, and this list can be adjusted after each long rest. When they do, they should spend time in devotion and reflection, with at least a minute for each spelling level per spell in their new checklist. They select numerous spells from their spelling book, equivalent to their Wisdom Modifier + their Druid Grade (with at least one spell).

So, for example, with the Wisdom Modifier of +2, Level 3 Druid can generate 5 spells in its spelling list because 2 (their Learning Modifier) + 3 (their Druid Level) is equal to 5. The number of magics cannot be less than this. Thus, if the same druid has a brilliance modifier of -3, they can still produce at least one spell even though the combination of their wisdom modifier and their druid group will be 0.

Rangers, on the other hand, have a predetermined number of hexes known from their level, and this knowledge can be seen in the Players Handbook, page 89. Each time the ranger grade is increased, the recent spell can be reversed.

Although the number of subcategories who have entrance to the Pass without Trace spell nearly doubles from the number of categories, three is still a lower number. These subcategories are listed below, with their source.

Subcategories that can cast Scorching Ray Originating Categories Subcategories Source Source of class
Circle the Land (Grassland)  The Druid page 68, Player’s Handbook, Player’s Handbook on page 64
Shadow way  The Monk page 80, Player’s Handbook, Player’s Handbook on  page 76
Trickery Domain  The Cleric page 62, Player’s Handbook, Player’s Handbook on page 56


In the Circle of the Land, the Druids access the pass without a tracing spell as part of their circle spell if they choose Grassland as their mystical relationship. Monks who follow the path of the shadow, meanwhile, acquire access to this magic via their shadow arts subclass attribute. Yet, Trickery Domain clerics have three levels of access to this spell as part of their Trickery Domain magics.

The Races

Some races pass without a tracing spell inside their DNA. Magic is registered in their bloodstream, so they can release this spell as a genuine capacity. These Races listed below have their sources. Keep in the sense that the race from Eberron: Rising from the Final War is only legal if the adventure league is organized in Ebron. If you don’t watch about AL things, ignore this warning and have some pleasure building your character.

Races that can release Pass Without Trace A racial feature allows the capability Source
Elf (Mark, Shadow) Spells of the Mark (must have the Spellcasting or the Pact Magic class quality) Eberron: Rising from the Final War, page 49
A Genasi (Earth) with Stone merge Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, page 9
 The Human (Mark of Passage) Spells of the Mark (must have the Spellcasting or the Pact Magic class quality) Eberron: Rising from the Final War, page 46

The Backdrops

There is just one current background that a personality can access without a Trace spell, and that is Demir Operative. This background can be seen on page 46 of Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, which means that it is only lawful for the Adventure League if the campaign is held in Ravnica. Then, if you don’t overlook the Adventurers League, ignore this notice.

Dimir operative locations access the pass without trace spells as part of their Dimir Guild magics. Save in mind that you will already require a spell casting or packet magic class quality to cast this spell. When you do, you can count this spelling as a component of your spelling list.


There are two magical things of various rare items that can cast a pass without a tracing spell, and these things are listed below along with their source. Note that the column “A”. The header indicates whether the item needs adaptation for its user (Spoiler alert: all of these articles require adaptation).aberration

object Name Aberration A  the Source
Infiltrator’s Key Legendary Yes page 272, Explorer’s Guide to Wildermount
The staff of the Woodlands Rare Yes page 204 Dungeon Master’s Guide

The first object on the list, the Infiltrator’s Key, is categorized as a mythical wonder object, while the second object, the Staff of the Woodlands, is categorized as a rare simple weapon. Because each object contains a long list of other effects, this section will work further Pass without Trace spell.

You can release spells using Infiltrator’s Key as a process. The item must have arrived awake. Other spells also such as Alter Self, Invisibility, and Knock can also be cast. Once a spell has been released through this component, this item cannot be utilized for any more spells until the next morning.

As far as Woodlands staff is concerned, you can cast a without Trace spell utilizing the staff at no charge. It’s incredibly helpful because you can cast it whenever you want. However, for both of these objects, you still require to pay attention to the spelling.

Pass Without Trace Is Right?

In the early stages, this is really a useful spell because of the +10 bonus for the stealth check for each person impacted by this spell. This is especially easy when creeping in or sneaking into the enemy’s ranks or in the past. It’s also easy for creatures with little stealth check. For example, you and your group are attempting to break into a castle, but you have a clumsy savage have a 2-stealth modifier.

When this magic is utilized, it counts 10 to their stealth check. Thus, on their stealth check roll, there will be at least one 9. With 1d20 there are in the middle of10 to 11, then on average, this beast will bring about 18 to 19. This is a truly high stealth check for somebody who has -2 a stealth modifier.

Another useful thing about a  pass without Trace is that it can affect any creature of your selection as long as it is within 30 feet of you. Forget about getting your whole group with you on your infiltration task. Bring another group with you! In battle, 30 feet will be approximately 6 squares, since the standard dimensions for each tile in the battle map are 5 feet.

However, it is necessary to mention that a pass without Trace does not create you invisible. It only gives one person a bonus on their stealth reviews. If you’re attempting to hide from somebody, you’ll require to hide first, then roll the stealth check for a second. So if you are in an open room where there is no hiding place and the effect of this magic is active on you then your opponents can catch you immediately.

FAQs Of pass without Trace

Pass Without Trace Is What Level?

Pass without Trace is a second-level abjuration spell; therefore, it needs at least an available level two spell slot to release it.

Is Pass Without Trace Make You Invisible?

No, it does not. It just shows you a bonus to your Stealth checks. Generally, you require a hiding spot 1st before you can proceed for a Stealth check. If there are no covering spots available, then there is zero stealthy about it at all, and even if you have this magic started, it would not count.

Who Get Pass Without Trace?

Even though Pass without Trace is an immensely good spell, only two categories have access to it, Druid and the Ranger.

Pass Without Trace Is an Aura?

In a way. In spelling detail, it is said that the spelling casts a “shadow and a veil of silence” on them. Also, only creatures within 30 feet of the caster can benefit from this magic. Therefore, it can be considered Aura.

Is Pass Without Trace Stack?

No. According to the “Combining Magic Effects” section on page 205 of the Players Handbook, multiple times cast effects of the same spell are not stacked or combined. Therefore, if two Rangers are cast at the same time without a trace and a creature is close to both of them, then that creature can still profit from only a +10 bonus in their stealth review.

Pass Without Trace How Does It work?

A veil of shadows and Silence releases from you, hiding you and your companions from detection. For the Period, each creature you decide within 30 feet of you (having you) has a +10 bonus action to Dexterity (Stealth) checks and can’t be followed except by magic means.

How does Pass Without Trace Finish?

Since it is an attention spell, the caster can only complete their concentration on the magic to immediately end its results. If you want to finish it by energy, you can harm the person casting it, and they may lose attention.


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