How to Crafting Magic Items 5e In D&D

There are hundreds of supernatural weapons and coaches, not to mention the thumbs, pieces of clothing, and other traditional items that only begin to magically touch. The world of Faerun is a magic place, where the monsters, magic, and bad are all over. Stories and legends have been told in this world, and a part of these legends contains magic weapons and items.

Magic items 5e have been a special symbol of Dungeon and dragons since about 50 years ago, and part of this game is still alive and better in 5E today. While the magic items are usually given by the DM as a prize, perhaps as a big evil or a robbery from dragon storage, sometimes the player lifted his hand on some cool and powerful items Want to play a more active role. Items themselves.

The Process Of D&D 5e Magic Item Crafting

To present it, create a spelling medicine for spelling, and follow your rules for everything from the Xanathar,s Guide, which we will later include in this article.

The Rules of Magic Item Creation are placed in the Guide of Dungeon Masters (DMG) on page 129, and on pages 128 and 129 for the leader of the adultery (XGTE). These laws are different and show two optional principles for the DM to pick between them.

DMG 5e Crafting Magic Item 

The DMG rules are the more restrictive of the two choices, instructing the following:

the formula that explains how to craft the magic item 5e

  1. The cost of gold that scales with the item is paid for used materials.
  2. Character Crafting must be a spelling castor with available spelling slots, in addition, if the object puts a spelling, how to cast this magic to the character.
  3. The character must complete the minimum level condition of the item, it will be shown in the table below. very Rare
Rarity of Object Creation Cost Minimum Grade Required days
Ordinary 100 GP 3rd 4
Unusual 500 GP 3rd 20
Irregular 5,000 GP 6th 200
Extremely Rare 50,000 GP 11th 2,000 (5.5 Years)
Legendary 500,000 GP 17th 20,000 ( 5.5 Years)


Once the party meets all these conditions, he can start preparing it, it takes 8 hours a day and improves the progress of 25 GP daily. Once the cost of the crafting is met, for example, the cost of an unusual item costs 100GP which needs four days of work (100/25 = 4). On the other hand, the price of a legendary item costs 500,000 GP and it will take 20,000 work days or about 55 years time to complete.

If the object can put magic, the PC should cast it with the spelling of every work day to create it and any material components should be kept in this spell during the whole process. If the spelling consumes the ingredients, then the process of creation eats them every day, unless the item can be spelled once, in this case, the process of creation will only be used once. The cost of used material components is extra to the cost of the creation of this object.

Fortunately, you can reduce the time required to design by helping your friends! As long as the player meets the same conditions and helps it in the whole creation, it can make additional progress of 25 GP daily. This means that the two crafting characters will make an extraordinary thing already two days (100/50 = 2) rather than four. This means that our legendary object will take just 10,000 work days, or only a bit of 27 years, which will make it a more friendly pursuit life for short Races.

Crafts Magic Item 5e With XGTE

below requirements are split for consumable things like scrolls and potions.

The Xanathars option for magic object crafting is far more forgiving than DMG and integrates this process into adventures. Requires a PC using these rules:

  • Enough time, measured in work weeks (5 days, with 8 hours of work every day)
  • A formula that explains the process of creation.
  • Special ingredients (languages) obtained through one or more adventures, a monster should be defeated to achieve this ingredient, but you do not necessarily require a portion of his body, instead, instead of, You will need to protect it, for example.
  • A quantity of Gold
  • Any tools needed to create the mundane version of the item (such as Smith’s Tools for a sword) or capability in the Arcana skill.

The cost of depending on the item’s fragility also applies to the monster’s recommended CR, which you have to defeat to obtain the special component for the item. It is shown in the table below, which is developed from two tables found on page 129 of the XGTE: Common

Rarity of object Object CR Range Cost Workweeks
 Ordinary (1-3) 50  1
Uncommon (4-8) 200  2
Rare (9-12) 2,000 10
Very Rare (13-18) 20,000 25
Legendary (19+) 100,000 50


Unlike the DMG choice, there is an opportunity to develop a set of rules that can be created in which the PC can be included in the group. There is a 10 percent opportunity for every five work weeks that is done just to create an item that can lead to complexity. The book does not actually provide you a mechanic to determine it, but you can roll the D10 with complexity on the role of 1.

For Magic Item Crafting 5e D6 Table

  • A dwarf tribe has accused you of stealing its secret lore to promote your work.
  • Rumors are wandering that the work you are working on is unstable and is a threat to the community.
  • Your tools have been stolen, and force you to buy new.
  • A local wizard displays a keen interest in your work and insists on obeying you.
  • A strong Nobel offers a heavy price for your work and is not interested in hearing it for the answer.
  • A rival rumor spreads that your work is poor and failing.

These challenges may include a rival.

Making Healing Potions

The rules for breaking the healing medicine are different from the creation of other magic items, in 5e magic item crafting these potions are more straightforward. whilst a Potion of Giant Strength would be made utilizing the above rules,

To prepare one of these potions, a character just requires skill with an herbalism kit and requires enough period and gold for selected potions as shown on the table beneath

 Kind Healing Amount Period Cost
Healing (2d4+2) 1, day 25 GP
Greater Healing (4d4+4) 1, workweek 100 GP
Superior Healing (8d4+8) 3, workweeks 1,000 GP
Supreme Healing (10d4+20) 4, workweeks 10,000 GP


This table can be seen on page XGTE 130, yet, we counted the Amount of Healing column for ease of authority.

Here Is How To Scribe A Spell Scroll

In d&d 5e crafting magic items If your character can put magic, then there is a good opportunity that you want to cast at some point in most of them, this is the place where the spelling books come.

Spell scroll requires Scribing :

The spelling should be prepared for one of the leading magic of the castor.
Any material components require magic

  1. A quantity of gold
  2. Proficiency in Arcana
  3. A sufficient amount of downtime

As established in the below table on page 133 XGTE

Spell-Level Time period Cost
Cantrip 1, day 15 gp
1st 1, day 25 gp
2nd 3, days 250 gp
3rd 1, workweek 500 gp
4th 2, workweeks 2,500 gp
5th 4, workweeks 5,000 gp
6th 8, workweeks 15,000 gp
7th 16, workweeks 25,000 gp
8th 32, workweeks 50,000 gp
9th 48, workweeks 250,000 gp

As with the other thing, 5e magic item crafting rules in XGTE scribing a spell scroll can result in difficulties 10 percent of the time, example difficulties are:

Table Of D6 Complications

  • Your enemy privately arranges to buy this thing to use against you.
  • A burglar guild, who is aware of sales, tries to steal your item.
  • An enemy circulates rumors that your thing is fake.
  • A magician claims your item as a birthright and demands you to hand it over.
  • Avoid the former owner of your item, or the owner’s allies, and pledge to re-take this item by force.
  • The buyer has already been killed before the sale is finalized.

These challenges may include a rival.

5e Homebrew Magic Items FAQs

Answer: Hover over “Game Rules” in the main menu and select “Magic Items” (or click here). From there, you can choose “Create a Magic Item. Observing any of these steps will obtain you to the make Homebrew Article page, where you’ll have two choices: Use an existing object as a template.

Question: Do I Tell my Players These Objects are Homebrew?

Answer: That relies on. If you are creating a weapon or a set of armor specifically for a party, then you likely want to tell them and get them into the loop. If a party asks about the magical object, then you can share.

Otherwise, it’s a tad more fun to create something mesh into the world so seamlessly that the participants at your table think that it is actual content.

You will know when to dribble the beans, but you will also know when to hold quiet. After all, the distinction between a good DM and a fantastic DM is that you don’t know where the Great DM’s things came from!

Question: How do Artificers Create Magic Items?

Answer: Artificers utilize tools to channel arcane power, crafting magical things. To cast magic, an artificer could use an alchemist’s collections to create a potent elixir, a calligrapher’s supplies to carve a sigil of power on an ally’s armor, or a tinker’s means to craft a quick charm.

Question: Magic Items 5E: How long does it take to craft?

Answer: Even a standard item needs a character to be a third-level spellcaster. Crafting a magic item utilizes up a lot of time. Not just does it cost a lot and need you to be at a certain grade, but it takes 8 hours per 25 GP worth of value of your magic item to make it.

Question: Is I Can Craft Magic Items 5E?

Answer: According to Dungeon Master’s Guide pages 128 and 129, a Dungeon Master can let a player craft magic items, though it is a costly and long task. Recognize: all parts of crafting magic items are underneath the purview of the Dungeon Master, who has the last say on laws.

Question: What Class Can Create 5e Craft Magic Items?

Answer: Technically any class could create magic weapons, but spell-casters (especially wizards) might have a more comfortable time relying on the rules you go by. Forge Cleric is likely the most useful. Or, any lizardfolk, presumably druid or ranger.
Answer: Absolutely anyone of any class can create completely anything with DM’s approval. The DM will inform you what it needs. The point after crafting is that it is done in rest, not just some side activities you can do on a normal experience.

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