Polearm Master 5e Guide For Dungeons and Dragons

Polearm Master 5e helps to defend you from enemies by utilizing long-range weapons.

Glaive, Halberd, and Quarter Staff all work with a polearm. when you complete your attack by using D&D weapons, you gain bonus action. You can engage again using the opposite end of the weapon with this bonus action.

This extra attack causes very little damage and bludgeoning damage. to decide your bonus attack causes how much harm, you must Roll d4.  you can include features to every (melee-based) attack.

Another advantage of having a Polearm Master feat is that it gives you a chance when the creature reaches near to you. This is possible when you are using a pike, the Glaive, Halberd, or a Quarterstaff. It does not give benefit when used with the long sword.

Polearm Fighters: How To Get The Most From Them

Plenty of people do not utilize polearm weapons for battle. many warriors walk with swords, hammers, and even axes. Utilizing a polearm for your wars offers you a good experience.

 most people consider polearm weapons such as halberds and quarterstaffs a decent weapons, When you see the total output of harm, it’s clear they’re not at the top of the pack.

One thing to keep in mind when you are building a good one when you want a significant- polearm fighter is how to work in 5e DnD. Being capable to fight and utilize Polearm Master is a good way to improve the action economy. You gain action, a bonus action, and movement action.

To obtain the best build, you need to think about where is your qualifying points, which race you are going to select, and what the best class is. If you have no concept, then you are lucky, as I will tell you in detail how to build a powerful Polearm Master and Fighter in 5e.

Which Race Is The Best As A Polearm Master?

Two races are best to use as a dnd 5e polearm master. The first is the human race of DnD, all-rounder, and the second is the half-orcs. Variant Human is a good choice for this feat, or you can choose Half-orc because when you are severely damaged by savage attacks there is some extra damage.

They are also completely tanks because of their power of endurance. For the best polearm build that utilizes the Polearm master ability, I suggest the half-orc race.

When you choose the half-orc race, you take the additional benefit of dark vision. When you fighting the polearm this will useful for you. due to the numeral action of attacks, which you are going to complete the savage attack is also great.

Half-orcs require some waiting a while until they can achieve the Polearm Master feat and an additional feat which are a good combination with it.

Polearm Master 5e Is The Best First Feat.

If you select a race for yourself. suppose you’ve chosen the human or half-orc. Actually, this is a Polearm Master’s Guide, it is helpful to know when and how to use this feat.

When you begin to create a Polearm Fighter it looks like you are utilizing Polearm Master Feat. it,s good to choose this feat from the very point you can. This will help us to maximize the loss which we deal with from each turn, and it will be significantly stacked.

If you choose the human race for playing, At the very first level you will be able to achieve this feat. If you have chosen Half-orc, you will only be able to access the polearm master at level four. 

I extremely suggest for polearm fighter as soon as possible. When you are exerting glaive or a halberd  It is a great feat.

They both have a great base loss output of a d10 die and d4 is another bonus attack action. these take advantage of your strength modifier, which can raise your loss. This shows that due to the Polearm Master feat, you do 40% more damage per attack.

At the initial levels, an additional d4 damage, raised with your strength modifier, is very powerful.  in the output of damage, bonus action does in battle, it means that at every two and a half turns if you add all these bonus attacks to these turns, you effectively deal with the loss of a complete attack.

What Is The Best Feat To Combine With 5e Polearm Master?

The Sentinel

Sentinel is a Good stunt that works with Polearm Master. If you are creating a melee build with some martial elements then sentinel is wonderful.

About the variety of Polearm Master and Sentinel, what is right? What sentinel does? With the help of glaive or halberd, When you hit an enemy and they reach 10 feet, you stop them. The means of stopping them is that their motion becomes 0.

This will defend from close-range melee attacks. Of course, you also benefit from being out of the way of damage for many attacks that the enemy, and certainly at a lower level, can throw at you.

Master Of Great Weapons

It was difficult to choose a type and reason out how to connect it with the polearm master. The Great Weapon Master can turn an attack into a bonus action if you bring your enemy’s hit points to zero or score on a critical hit. yet, the great weapon master feat has a capability from which they can change d4 into a d10.  

This has another very interesting advantage, that you can select a -5 to strike and deal +10. if you have a d4 attack this is amazing. When everything goes according to plan, the variety of Great Weapon Master feat, feats of  Polearm Master, and this accurate attack cause hit 35 points of loss in each round.

Some Disadvantages Of The Polearm (Master) Built In 5e

The major damage comes from the length of your weapon. It depends on your DM. when you utilize weapons in hard spaces I will name you. Sometimes the length of the weapon is a big loss. You can’t set it like a dagger or a bow. This can be terrible when you climb on the wall or require two hands-frees.

Utilizing polearm weapons as your major weapon cause harm because many of them are not infused with the spell. See the list of weapons in the books of D&D, there is a real lack of glaives and halberds with spell features.

No one is stopping you from creating a Homebrew weapon, so if you are intrusted in cool weapons, this would be a great plan. You need to focus on a balanced weapon, as the polearm build is powerful when you utilized it nicely

The Polearm Master Feat: Additional Tips

Integrate it: for utilizing Polearm Master, you have to integrate it with a finely-reach weapon and Sentinel. with a bonus of a Great master Weapon that creates it even more powerful.

Bonus Action issue: The Polearm Master gives you bonus action which is the major advantage of this feat. Improving losses by investing in power or ensuring you have a critical hit multiplayer is going to add an excess of damage. 

Report your DM: Polar weapons are not widely used.  The mix of weapons can be quite tough, and the monsters he sends in your path can be a problem due to the mix of Polearm Master, Sentinel, and great weapon Master. Make sure he understands the flaws and disadvantages of Polearm Master and Polearms as a whole. It’s more joy for everyone.

Consider your weapon: many weapons are two-handed,  which indicates that you don’t have any shield to raise your AC. You should destroy your enemies before they can destroy you, or you have to stay away from them because they can’t reach you. halberd is another point best.

Fighting Defensively:  When you have the Polearm Master feat mix with the Sentinel, it,s actually defensive. when a deal attack rejects your tactical benefit of being able to keep your distance from your strategy. If you are not interested in Sentinel, you require to be on the defensive because your tanking capability is significantly less.

FAQs Of Polearm Master Feat in 5e DnD

Question: Do You Need to Be A Melee Built To Complete Use Of The Polearm Master Feat?

Answer: Yes! There is a very niche choice for specific magic casters to use as a defense. If you have a Polearm Master and the Warcaster feat, you are capable to strike an enemy having a spell-like Vicious mockery or chill touch and slow them down just before they obtain into melee range.

Question: What Is The Best Weapon To Use When You Have The Polearm Master Feat?

Answer: I think the halberd is the best of them, with the glaive as a very near another choice. It deals a ton of harm that will destroy anything that comes at you faster. If your foe passes faster, that means they cannot deal as much harm to you.

Question: Which Class And Race Is Best For Using Polearm Master?

Answer: The best class is a fighter. I don’t think there is any real debate about that. If we are talking about race, then you have some options.

The human variant is also the very best. That is the Good choice for the first 3 to 4 levels, but after that, balanced out. I think half-orc is good overall. You have the damage of not being able to utilize Polearm Master up to level four, but your extra bonuses and feats create it in the long run.

Question: How Does Polearm Master Work With Lance?

Answer: the purpose of the lance was to kill someone ( not a tourney lance) would have probably been created from a sturdier and heavier wood and would have been gripped far down the shaft. Mechanically, the way you utilize those weapons is very different. Therefore, why Polearm Master doesn’t use lances.

Question: Does The Polearm Master Need Two Hands?

Answer; The Polearm Master feat doesn’t need the quarterstaff to be exerted with two hands.

Question: Is Polearm Master Good?

Answer: Polearm Master Feat Is Good? Yes. No, any other Feat can potentially offer you two additional attacks at every round, and the methods in which Polearm Master synergizes with any other Feat such as Sentinel create a devastating variety.

Conclusion: Polearm Masters Are Great If You Plan Strategically It,s Good Choice

Although polearm weapons do not inspirit many people, most of those who enjoy the melee are going for classics like a sword or an axe, polearm weapons offer amazing gameplay. 

Attack you will face some serious extra loss after each attack. you will be capable to hold some foes at a distance from you is another quality.

As seen in the Polearm master 5e guide, you require to schedule accordingly. Only two races create possible polearm masters. One is the half-orc the other is human. If you do not like one of those two, you will lose a lot of the natural power in this feat.

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