D&D vicious weapon The magical Items

D&D Vicious Weapon is the magic weapon When you Roll a 20 in your attack roll with this magic weapon, the target takes an additional 7 damage to the weapon’s style

  • Weapon (any), irregular
  • Weight: varies
  • Estimated Value: 350 GP
  • Sources: DMG page(209)

The Description

All vicious weapons, upon the genuine 20 attack roll, deal an extra 7 damage of the weapon’s damage class to the mark of the attack.


Opel bought a demonic whip for 600 gold from Glamor’s magnificent equipment, although the asking price was 1000 gold. He used it several times in combat, especially using the party to wrap the crocodile around the crocodile in an attempt to turn it over on its back.

Some Useful D&D vicious Weapons

Name Kind Damage Features
club Easy Melee 1d4 bludgeoning Light
dagger Easy Melee 1d4 piercing Range 20/60 )Finesse, thrown, light
Great club Easy Melee 1d8 bludgeoning Two-Handed
handaxe Easy Melee 1d6 slashing Range 20/60) thrown, light
Javelin Easy Melee 1d6 piercing Range 30/120) thrown
Light hammer Easy Melee 1d4 bludgeoning Range 20/60)thrown, light
Mace Easy Melee 1d6 bludgeoning
quarterstaff Easy Melee 1d6 bludgeoning  (1d8)versatile
Sickle Easy Melee 1d4 slashing Light
Spear Easy Melee 1d6 piercing Range20/60),thrown (1d8)versatile
yklwa Easy Melee 1d8 piercing Range 10/30), thrown


FAQS Of D&D Vicious Weapon

a+1 weapons are magic. A mace you see that shines like a torch power be a magic weapon, or it might be a standard weapon with a continual flame attack on it. In your case, Lightbringer is the spell.
Binding his present help of the sword to this gap in his character counts to the character while confusing the trope of the “honorable swordsman.” Especially, Vicious’ sword is a receipt of his warped self-image and twisted sense of integrity. These traits define the series’ major themes and move its story
Vicious Weapon deals an additional 7 damage on a crit, as published in Dungeon Master’s Guide: When you roll a 20 on your spell roll with this magical weapon, the target takes an additional 7 damage to the weapon’s class

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