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Call Lightning 5e The magic of Dungeons and Dragons that can light up the sky and fry your opponents from afar. According to a 1989 to 2018 study, an average of 43 lightning strikes kill each year in the United States. Although only 10% of those affected by lightning are killed and the rest are left with different degrees of disability, it is even devastating because no one is safe from lightning.

As Uncle Iroh said in the episode of “Bitter Work” in Book 2: Earth of the Avatar: The Last Air bender Series, “Some individuals name lightning cold-blooded fire. It is true and deathly.”

That being said, you can express this destructive power of nature on your opponents in the world of D&D! How horrible is that? Of course, corresponding to the realistic world, D&D has all sorts of monsters with tank construction and is hard to deal with. Thus, it is appropriate, if not sufficient, for such opponents to deal with the damage caused by lightning.

There are some spells that let you invoke the power of lightning. Mention the “some” terms because they don’t come often. In fact, only 12 spells in the Players Handbook deal with lightning damage, plus an additional 5 from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and an added 1 from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

if you are thinking of casting a spell to deal with the shocking damage to the brain, you need to pick carefully. The most common spells caused by lightning at a particular level will be Level 3 spells, of which five will be, and if you want a strong lightning spell that has an effect on a wide area then what you are looking for That is the call lightning spell. What it is, how does one utilize it, and does it work? Read more in our Call Lightning 5e Guide to see out.

Call Lightning: What Is It?

Call Lightning 5e

Call Lightning is third-level conjuration magic that can be seen on page 220 in the player’s handbook. As this is a third-level spell, you will require a level three spell slot or higher available to cast it. Launching with a spell higher than 3rd-level  will create the spell more effective, but this will be discussed in later sections (referring to the subtitle “High Levels” in the “How Does Call Lighting Work?” Give).

Conjugation spells are spells that seek out all sorts of things, such as creatures, objects, or power towards the caster and vice versa. Well-known conjuration spells have Ice Knife,  Acid Splash, Mag Hand, Wall of Thrones, and better.

It has a capacity of 120 feet and 1 action casting time. This means you can select the point that appears within 120 feet of you as the starting point for the effects of your spell. Also, you can cast this spell as just an action, although you can also read it to utilize it as a reaction after your turn.

It has the vocal and somatic part conditions (these will be examined in the “How to utilize Call Lightning” section). The effects of the spell can stay for up to 10 minutes, but just if the caster has the attention for it since Call Lightning is an engagement spell. For briefness, these of all are listed down beneath.

Call Lightning

Third-level conjuration

Casting Period: 1 action

Range: 120 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Attention, up to 10 minutes


The Classes

The next classes have Call Lightning on their magic list. This shows that Call Lightning is a very rare spell because there is only one class that has access to it: the Druid class. Druids can cast call lighting because it is part of their druid spell list. In addition, they get Level 3 spell slots by level 5. Briefly, below is the source of the Druid and the spelling save DC.

Classes that cast Call Lightning Source  save DC spell
Druid  page 64, Player’s Handbook your Wisdom modifie+8 + your proficiency bonus

The Druids make a list of the spells they will utilize and this list can be adjusted after each long rest. When they do, they should expend time in prayer and meditation, with at least one minute per spelling level for per spell in their list. They select multiple spells from their spelling book, equivalent to their Wisdom Modifier + their Druid Level (with at least one spell).


The subsequent subclasses bring Call Lightning for free: the Land (Forest) Druid and the Tempest Cleric. For brevity, these two subclasses are listed down below along with their source and spell save DC.

  • Druid (The Circle of the Land: Forest)
  • Cleric (The Tempest Domain)
Subclasses that can cast Call Lightning Originating Class  Source of   Subclass  Source of Class  save DC spell
The Circle of the Land (Forest) Druid  page 68, Player’s Handbook Player’s Handbook, page 64 your Wisdom modifier+ 8 + your proficiency bonus
The Tempest Domain Monk  page 62, Player’s Handbook Player’s Handbook, page 56  your Wisdom modifier+ 8 + your proficiency bonus

In the Circle of the Land, the Druids automatically attain access to the Call Lightning Spell if they select the forest as their land with a mystical relationship. This spell will be calculated as part of their circle spells and can be achieved up to level 5. On the other hand, scholars in the Tempest domain can develop call lightning spells as part of their Tempest domain spellings. Land (Jungle) Like Dravid’s conditions, it can be reached up to level 5.

Concentration On-Call Lightning

Call Lightning needs concentration, which means it must have a caster to concentrate on maintaining the effect of magic for a long time. When the caster fails concentration, the call lightning spell finishes automatically. The caster can terminate its concentration at any time without the need for action. There are many methods to lose concentration, and they are listed down.

Casting another magic that needs concentration(Like Pass without trace) will eliminate the present because you cannot focus on two magics at once. Yet, even if the spelling you are going to cast does not require concentration, you can focus on one and spell the other. For example, you are focusing on the call lightning spell that you cast on your last turn and you want to cast Chromatic Orb at your current turn. You can do this because Chromatic Orb does not need concentration.

If you do harm by focusing on magic, you may finish that concentration. To decide if you are losing your concentration on harm, you must create a constitutional throw to keep it. The savings should reach or exceed the desired DC, which is 10 or half of your loss, whichever is more elevated. If the damage comes from numerous sources, such as numerous attacks from different enemies, then you should create a separate saving throw for each source of harm.

If you become disabled or killed, you immediately lose concentration on magic.

The environment you are in can disrupt your concentration, such as being in a clamorous and noisy place. It totally depends on your DM. If so, you must grow in a constitutional save throw against the 10K DC to keep this concentration.

Call Lightning: How To Use It

If you have selected that you want to cast Call Lightning to harm your enemies, you must first be capable to meet these conditions:

  • Call Lightning Spell is level three magic. Therefore, you must have an available level 3rd spell slot or higher that you can utilize to spell. Casting it with a higher-level spell slot creates the spell more effective (also, a guide to the “High Levels” subsection in the “How Does Call Lighting Work?”).
  • You need to be capable to speak freely in an audible voice because spelling needs a vocal component. This means that to recite this magic you need to recite hymns and this is not conceivable if your mouth is under the influence of exterior, interior, magical, or other powers such as tying your mouth with a cloth or under its influence. Prevented from happening The magic of silence.
  • You should have this spell in your spelling list. This is possible in many methods like background feature, class spell casting feature, race feature, etc.
  • You should be capable to move your hands freely as spelling needs a somatic component. This means that you need to create some gestures to perform this magic and this is not possible if your hands are tied to external, internal, magical, or other powers such as ropes or handcuffs on your wrists or Be under its influence. Paralyzed situation.
  • You should be capable to focus on magic because call lightning is concentration magic.
  • If you are in a fight, you should cast it as an action in turn.

Once you meet these conditions, you can launch Call Lightning. When you do this, you can do these:

You should pick a point in the air that you can visit within 120 feet of you and instantly above you. At this point, a 10-foot-long cylinder storm cloud with a radius of 60 feet appears in the center, and if you can’t catch a point in the air that can take the size of a storm cloud, the magic fails. ۔ For example, if you are in a small room, this magic fails.

As the storm cloud moves from the point you selected, you should choose another point for lightning that you can see under the cloud. You can choose the location of your target so that they are not struck by lightning.

You can do stage 2 at each of your turns for the spelling period.

What Does Call Lightning Do?

when you have cast this spell successfully and you have selected the right point in the air within the range, a stormy cloud emerges from that location. this storm cloud is cylindrical, also 10 feet long, and has a radius of 60 feet. Anyone under a storm cloud could be directly hit by lightning if you do that. When you select a point under the cloud, a gust of lightning falls down from the cloud and comes to that point. Every creature within 5 feet of this location should then create a Dexterity Saving Throw.

Dexterity Save Throw spell should be successful against Save DC. It differs from class to class because everyone has different spelling capabilities. The DC saving spell for every class that can cast this spell is “Who can cast Call Lightning?” It will be listed in Section

If a creature influenced by a lightning bolt fails to save its skill, it brings 3d10 lightning. If they succeed in saving, they lose half the lightning. At every turn of the caster, they can call lightning wherever they want under the cloud. This is possible until the spell is over, which can be up to ten- minutes if the caster pays attention for that long. Remember that in a fight, each round accepts 6 seconds. Therefore, call lightning storm clouds can last up to 100 cycles.

If you launched this spell outside and your storm cloud occurs in a stormy state, this spell gives you the ability to control the existing storm instead of creating it new. each lightning bolt can handle 4d10 power loss instead of the usual 3d10, Because of this.

At Higher Levels

You can cast call lightning magic with level four spell slots or more. Doing so makes it more effective. When completed, the spell slot level for each slot level is after three, and the power loss lightning bolt increases to 1d10. For example, if you cast a call lightning spell with a level 5 spell slot, the loss will increase from normal 3d10 power loss to 5d10 power loss because after three there are two slot levels, the loss I add 2d10.

(Items )Lists

There is just one thing that can do the magic of Call Lightning: Kas Sword. This magic item ought to be synchronized with the user in order to use its magical effects(shown in the Attunement or “A” column). In short, this item is listed below with its rarity and origin.

object Name Rarity A. Source
  Kas Sword Artifact Ye page 272, Explorer’s Guide to Wildermount

That sword is categorized as a martial weapon and a model. Artworks are unique magical objects that are full of knowledge, history, and originality. This magical object has many magical effects, but in terms of magic, the use of a sword can have the effect of calling lightning. When this is done, action is utilized to cast it with the spelling of DC of 18.  you cast a spell once through Sword of Kas, you can’t cast another until the next morning.

Overviews or Backgrounds

There is just one current background that can give a character access to Call Lightning Spell, and that is Izzet Engineer. This background can be seen in Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnicaon page 66, which means it is just legal for the Adventure League if the campaign is held in Ravnica. If you don’t care about the Adventurers League, ignore this warning.
Izzet Engineer Background Access to Call Lightning Spell as part of your Izzet Guild spells. Save in mind that you will already require a spell casting or pact spell class feature to release this spell. you do when you can count this spelling as part of your spelling list.

FAQs of Call Lightning 5e

Call Lightning Is What level?

Call Lightning is a third-level conjuration spell, therefore it needs at least an available level 3rd spell slot to cast it. with a spell slot casting it higher than level three increases its harm. Casting it during a storm even increases its harm.

When you cast the magic, select a point you can notice within range. A  lightning bolt dashes down from the cloud to that point. Each creature within 5 ft of that point must create a Dexterity saving throw. A creature brings 3d10 lightning damage on a failed to save, or half as much harm on a successful one.

Call Lightning’s area of effect (A.O.E.) Is What?

Call Lightning has 60 feet. Area of effect radius. each one under the 60 ft. radius storm cloud can be hit by lightning if the caster chooses to.

Is Call Lightning to be cast as a bonus action?

No, unless there are mystical effects that let a caster cast spells costing an action to be cast as a bonus action. To cast Call Lightning, you require to utilize your action.

It has a wide reach of 60 feet. radius and a length capacity of 120 feet. from the caster. Although it needs concentration, it is already rather good as you can damage your foes with a bolt of lightning that deals 3d10 lightning Damage to every creature of 5 feet.

Are you Able To Cast Call Lightning indoors?

If the room is large enough to house the storm cloud made by Call Lightning, which is 10 feet. elevated with a radius of 60 ft., then yes. Otherwise, the spell finish.

Is Tempest Clerics cast Call Lightning?

Yes, they can, along with Land (Forest) Druids. They achieve access to the spell by level five as part of their Domain Magic.

Call Lightning Is Good?

Many people consider call lightning to be very good because it is a very harmful spell that has a very long duration which is good for fighting. Maintain in mind that this can stay up to 10 minutes which will be 100 rounds during a fight. This is due to the fact that the spell is just available to a very limited class of pools. There are just one class and two subclasses (in which one is already a Druid subclass) that can access Call Lightning.

Ignoring limited availability, this is great for the outdoor combat. It has a broad radius of 60 feet and a range of 120 feet from the caster. Although it needs concentration, it is already great because you can damage your opponents with a lightning bolt that can damage every creature up to 5 feet with 3d10 lightning. On average, this is about 16 to 17 heavenly damage.

What’s even more amazing is that the damage increases if there’s already a storm in the area where you’re going to do the magic. you do when this, you hold the existing storm cloud instead of creating a new one, and the damage increases to 4d10 power loss. On average, this is a loss of 22 electricity. In addition, it increases the damage if more than three-level spell slots are utilized to cast spells.

For each slot level above three, the spell slot is used, the loss exceeds the 1d10 power loss. A level five spell slot 5d10 will give a power loss of about 27 to 28 on average. If we combine the bonus losses from hurricane conditions and the increasing losses through high spell slots, it will be very effective.

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