A Guide To Disguise Self 5e| How Does It Work?

D&D is not always about hacking and shortening your path through crowds of enemies. There may be situations where you need to cheat your way to victory. Infiltration and stealth tasks can be present in a movement.

You may need to get an important letter that is kept in a very secure mansion. Maybe you are all in poor health and you need to get into the enemy’s ranks to bypass a confrontation.

There are many methods to deal with this condition. You can sneak in, which is perfect for a Rogue class. You can also make it fake unless you deceive your opponents. Bards are praiseworthy for their high charismatic character. However, if your party does not have a bard, other spell makers can fill this gap. How? By Disguise self-spell.

A disguised self can completely change your appearance as seen with the naked eye. This is an incredibly valuable spell because it can help you with many problems. Sometimes when your appearance is important to gain your goal, disguise itself can save you from a click. Read on to see more of this magic and see how practical it can be.

Disguise Self Is What?

To comprehend the spell, we require to take a look at its full characterization. The facts of the spell below come from the Player’s Handbook, on page 233:

  • A Disguise Self
  • first-level illusion
  • Casting Period: 1 action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V, S
  • Time: 1 hour

You look different to yourself – including your weapons, clothing, armor, and other items on your person – until the magic is gone or you use your action to dispel it. You can look 1 foot short or tall and appear thin, thick, or in the middle.

You cannot change your body style, so you should take a shape that has the same basic arrangement of limbs. Otherwise, the extent of the delusion is up to you.

Modifications made to this spelling fail to maintain a physical examination. For example, if you utilize this spell to count a hat to your dress, pass things through the hat, and anyone who touches it will not feel anything or your head and hair will feel ۔

If you utilize this spell to indicate that you are thinner, the hand of a person who will move forward to touch you will hit you when he was apparently in the air.

To find out if you’re disguised, the creature can use its action to examine your appearance, and you must be able to test the intelligence by protecting the DC against your spelling.

It’s First-level illusion magic that lets you change your appearance, including your clothes, armor, weapons, and accessories. The next part will go into detail about how this magic works.

How to Utilize The Disguise Self

To utilize Disguise Self, you’ll need at least one Level One spell slot available. Note that if you spend a high-level spell slot to use Disguise Self, it will have the exact effect of spending a level one spell slot. This is because Disguise Self has improved the spell slot level.

You can only do this magic on your own. You can’t differentiate other people. In battle, casting it will be your turn to take action. However, it can stay up to an hour, which will be 600 rounds. Undoubtedly, a normal battle will reach this number. The magic that lasts for an hour is more valuable than fighting.

You cannot change anything to your liking. There are limits. Below is a list of the limits you can change, as spelled out in detail.

  • You can transform it to look just a foot shorter or taller. So if you’re a three-foot-tall halfling, you can’t look like an eight-foot-tall goliath. Also has reverse
  • You can transform it to look thinner, thicker, or in the middle. If you are trying to imitate someone whose body weight is different from yours, disguise can solve the problem itself.
  • You can’t change to look like various body shapes, No, a humanoid can’t make this magic look like a spider. As explained in the spelling details, the limbs in the altered appearance should have the same arrangement as the castor.

And that’s it. You can add any outfit you want to your outfit, whether it’s a fashionable vest, a sturdy chest plate, or a funny hat. Just remember that you cannot change the shape of a body that is not like yours.

Disguise Self How does It Work?

Disguised self-spell is the magic of an illusion that changes the appearance of the caster. Note the nuances in “Appearance” because magic does not change anything physically, just visually.

So, if you are doing this magic, you will still have your stuff, and you will still be the same person. just that different people can find you differently.

Believe of it as a hologram; Touching it will give you nothing but air. If you add a hat to your disguise, different people are trying to connect it, they will only touch the air. Similarly, the belonging and clothing that you have hidden using the Disguise Self can be physically felt if anyone touches it. From their point of view, it looks like they are feeling the air!

The creature can actively notice through your disguise. During the fight, doing will only be believed their action. When trying to examine your appearance, the creature must be able to pass an intelligence (investigation) against your magic, saving DC. Spell Save DC varies from class to class.

Who Can Utilize Disguise Self?

Surprisingly, there are many options and ways to utilize a disguised self for a character. First of all, let’s talk about D&D classes that can be used. there are four classes that can use the spelling with which they are and save their spelling DC.

Note: If you are dissatisfied with the legitimacy of the characters for the Adventurers League (AL), Artificer is AL Legal only for the Ebron campaigns, not for the Forgotten Realms campaigns. However, your DM can still introduce this class if they wish. It’s totally up to your own play.

    Classes That Can Utilized  Disguise  Self            Sources        Save DC spell
  Artificer page 9, Tasha’s Cauldron    everything    8 + your bonus ability + your Intelligence      modifier
   A Bard  page 51, Player’s Handbook  8 + your ability bonus + your Charisma        modifier
   A Sorcerer  page 99, Player’s Handbook  8 + your ability bonus + your Charisma       modifier
   A Wizard page 112, Player’s Handbook,  8 + your ability bonus + your Intelligence     modifier

Next, are the subclasses. Below are four subclasses listed that can authorize the usage of Disguise Self, with the source they are from and their magic save DC.

Some breeds may disguise themselves naturally because of their natural abilities. there are four races below that can do this, with the ability to cast, the source from which they are born, and their magic saves DCs.

Mention that races starting with the Ebron Setting (ie Shadow Elf symbol) are AL Legal for the aforementioned campaigns only. But again, it’s totally up to you, the players, and the DM. D&D is an entertaining game, not a courthouse of tough rules.

  The Races that can        use  Disguise Self   The capability that       Allows its casting   Source   Save DC spell
 The Elf (Mark of     Shadow)  Mark Spells  (require to   have the Spellcasting or   the Pact Magic class   properties) page 49, Eberron: Rising    from the Last War  depends on class
 The Firbolg   Firbolg spell page 107, Volo’s Guide      to Monsters  8 + your ability bonus +   your Wisdom   modifier
 The Tiefling (Dispater)   Legacy of Dis page 21,Mordenkainen’s    Tome of Foes  8 + your ability bonus +   your Charisma modifier
The Tiefling (Glasya)  Legacy of Malbolge  page 22,Mordenkainen’s    Tome of Foes  8 + your ability bonus +  your Charisma modifier

And there are three more methods to release this spell! Incredible, right? first is the Dimir Operative background, page 46 of arising from the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica.

This AL is not legal even for forgotten circle campaigns, only for Ebron campaigns. If your character has this background and features a Spellcasting or Pact Magic class, they can add Disguise Self to their list of spells to pick from.

Another option to using Disguise Self would be through the Eldritch Invocation, called the Mask of Multiple Faces, which is found on page 111 of the Players Handbook. Eldritch Invocations is prohibited knowledge that warriors can learn.

They can get many of them relying on their level. Many face masks are one of them, and they allow fighters to disguise as they wish without using any spell slots.

Finally, you can use a disguised self by using accessories. One such item would be the Hat of Disappearance, as found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide to Magic Item Table F, page 173.

Does Disguise Self Work?

People who wear these hats can do the magic of Disguise self at will, and during a fight, it will take action. When the hat is removed, the magic (in disguise) disappears automatically.

It can be felt acceptable in terms of circumstances. On the battleground, Disguise Self is not widely used to deal with the damage, to help one’s allies, or to obstruct one’s opponents. Again, the use of spelling is morally situational. Most of the moment, disguised self are utilized outside of combat.

For example, if you try to join someone else’s home, Disguise self would be a suitable idea. You can release it to change your appearance like a homeowner, and no one will question you when you get there. Another wonderful way to utilize it is to deceive others.

For example, you want to get the villain’s minions away from the castle gates. You can cast a selfie to make yourself look like a villain, then ask these men to walk away from the door.

The good thing about magic is that it is first-rate magic. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. From the first level, you can put it in your arsenal and deceive your opponents. In short, determining how well you disguise Self will be a very difficult situation.

You require to be very creative so that you can utilize magic to its full potential. This is really useful magic.

FAQs: Disguise self 5e

What is the Difference Between A Disguise Self And vs Alter Self?

Disguise Self is a level one illusion magic, And Alter Self is a level two transmutation magic. The main difference between the two spells would be that Disguise Self transforms your visual appearance just, while Alter Self transforms your real physical body.

What Is the Main Difference Between Disguise Self vs. Disguise Kit?

Disguise Self is a level one illusion magic, while the Disguise Kit is a tool utilized to create disguises. Logically speaking, creating a disguise with the Disguise Kit will take time, and you will need to be professional with the tool. Meanwhile, Disguise Self is an instant illusion without the requirement for preparation.

Is Disguise Self Change Your Voice?

Since it is not changed in the spell’s description in, Disguise Self can,t change one’s voice. It only impacts the visual impression of the caster.

Can Disguise Self Allow One to Hide or Achieve Wings?

If you are a winged person (e.g., Tieflings, Aarakocra, winged ) then no, literally. The wings have been shown as limbs, and Disguise Self can only change your body to be a form with the exact number of limbs. However, it is wholly up to your DM whether they allow it or not. After all, you don’t always have to be strict and bookish.

Is Disguise Self Allow One to Hide or Gain a Tail?

Yes, Tails are not limbs, so you can certainly hide them or create someone who appears to have a tail.

Is It possible To Change One’s Race By Disguising Oneself?

Yes, as long as(1) the race is the exact form as the caster (ie, including the same number of limbs), and (2) the race does not surpass one foot taller or smaller than the caster’s body.

Is Disguise Self Require Concentration?

No, it does not require, as it is not shown in the spell’s description.

Disguise Self Last For How long?

One hour, or 3600 seconds. In war, it would last for 600 rounds.

Is It Possible to Cast Disguise Self on Others?

No, If you want to create disguises for other people, the spell you are examining for would be the Seeming spell, the fifth-level delusion spell. Alternatively, you can utilize Disguise Kits, but once again, it will take moment, preparation, and the ability to succeed in it.





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